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3 arrested for printing counterfeit money in Burdwan, BJP alleges link to TMC

On Thursday May 19, police had dismantled a factory, printing counterfeit money including counterfeit US dollars as well as Indian rupees, in East Mathpara near Khagragarh in Burdwan district of West Bengal.

A total of 3 people namely Gopal Singh, Bipul Sarkar and Dipankar Chakraborty were apprehended by the police in this case. ABP Ananda reported that Gopal rented a house with two other women about 5 months ago where Gopal set up the factory.

They had presented themselves as human rights activists when they rented the house. According to a report by News 18 Bangla, there were a total of 3 women in the house. Two of them are said to be physically handicapped. One of the women also had a child.

Considering their state of health, the neighbors treated them sympathetically. However, they were unaware of the fake money factory that was operated from this house by the accused.

Burdwan Police received reports that several businessmen were being issued counterfeit notes in the area. After investigating the case, the police raided the premises of the house on Thursday May 19 and arrested the 3 accused.

“We had no idea of ​​their operations. When we saw police vehicles outside the house, we realized something was wrong. The accused would hardly interact with others. After the incident, we are now in a state of fear,” a neighbor told ABP Ananda.

Screenshot of fake ID used by Gopal Singh

Burdwan Police recovered 24 counterfeit ₹500 rupee notes, worth ₹12,000. They also seized counterfeit US dollars, chemicals and paper to print counterfeit money. To their surprise, the cops found fake identity cards, affiliated with the CBI and the Anti-Corruption Foundation of India, in the name of Gopal Singh.

Cops are now questioning the accused to determine where the fake notes were circulating. The trio appeared in local court on Friday, May 20. According News18 BanglaDipankar Chakraborty is the brain of the racket.

Defendant Gopal Singh spotted with TMC leaders

After the affair came to light, an image of defendant Gopal Singh sharing the stage with TMC executives went viral on social media. The accused in the counterfeit money racket was seen alongside Trinamool Congress spokesman Prosenjit Das, leaders Ainul Haque and Rasbihari Haldar.

Gopal Singh spotted with TMC executives, image via Zee 24 Ghanta

The photo was taken during a sporting event in Ward No. 12 of Burdwan District. As he hit out at TMC, BJP leader Mrityunjay Chandra remarked, “We had doubts about TMC’s involvement in the racketeering. It has now turned out to be true. Earlier, we had seen the party’s involvement in the Khagragarh explosion in 2014.”

TMC spokesperson Prosenjit Das, who was seen with Gopal Singh, dismissed the allegations: “The job of BJP is to make false allegations. The police investigation is ongoing. The truth will soon be discovered. »