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10 best posters, according to ranking

Fans love the new star wars They are given television and extended canon content, but remain excited about the films that will be released from Taika Waititi over the next few years. star wars movies don’t need to do much to excite the fandom, but over the years the posters have done a great job of stirring up anticipation.

There have been some really great things star wars posters over the years, whether they’re great artworks that give a good idea of ​​the film, or smaller, more nuanced, emotionally powerful pieces whose best have been ranked by users of Ranker.


The Empire Strikes Back (Style B) Theatrical Release Poster (1980)

By Tom Jung

The Empire Strikes Back is a film that simply does not fail. It’s amazing in every way, and it shines through in its posters as well, with the film having several great posters, including this B-style poster.

In addition to tying in the film’s key scenes, what’s hammered home here are the expectations of the title. With Vader looming over all the heroes as stormtroopers smash through them as they stare at Vader’s colossal figure, this poster is not only well-designed and badass, but shows just how much danger the heroes are in.

Return of the Jedi (Style A) theatrical release poster (1983)

By Tim Reamer

Whereas star wars posters are so often busy and epic, some of the best ones are simple with few things laid out like the amazing teaser for The Last Jedi, that doesn’t make Ranker’s list and this brilliant work.

With the hands – which legend has it belong to George Lucas – gripping Luke’s new lightsaber with, apparently, a new hand, having lost both in what was almost a hopeless end to his latest adventure, this poster does so much while showing so little. Sometimes simplicity works best, and that’s what works best for Tim Reamer’s stylish poster here.

The Empire Strikes Back Special Edition (1997)

By Drew Struzan

Over the past twenty-five years, there’s been so much debate and talk surrounding the special editions of the original trilogy, but there’s no doubt that their posters, directed by Drew Struzan, are all excellent.

With the absence of heroes and the only characters being Star Wars’ the most powerful villains of the Emperor and the imposing Darth Vader, this poster focuses only on the Empire and conveys its power perfectly. It’s a simple but striking poster that fits together beautifully with the other two large posters. This one, however, was considered the best of the three.

Revenge Of The Sith (2005) theatrical release poster

By Drew Struzan

The consensus is that Revenge of the Sith is the best of the prequel trilogy and, according to Ranker, it also has the best theatrical postering, and much of that can be attributed to the central image as well as the looming figure at the top.

Several iconic characters and scenes are captured on this artwork and, as it does in many star wars posters, the stark image of Vader looming over the characters creates a real sense of dread. Also, a tragedy for Anakin and Obi-Wan, whose immense lightsaber duel creates another impressive image to grab attention.

The Phantom Menace Poster (1998)

By Ellen Lee

For many fans, especially those who grew up with the prequel trilogy, this might just be the biggest star wars displays, in general, not just teasers. It’s a simple image, but it says a lot.

The whole tragedy of Anakin Skywalker, who himself is at the heart of the Skywalker saga, is told by this poster as an innocent young boy stands on the sands of Tatooine, his whole life before him, yet he wears the weight of a dark shadow hanging over him with an air of inevitability. For Ranker, Darth Vader seems to be the secret of a great star wars attach.

Poster Revenge of the Jedi (1982)

By Drew Struzan

A famous story in the history of star wars is the endgame title change for the third installment of the original trilogy as the film shifted from “Revenge of the Jedi” to Return of the Jedi. The teaser poster for the first has become somewhat legendary.

Not only is there an aura of interest around it because it didn’t end up being the title of the film and because it looks dark and stark, but it’s just a brilliant poster. The promise of a rematch, Vader’s menacing black helmet clad in red, is just one epic promotional piece of art that, as teasers should, gives just enough to get fans excited.

Return of the Jedi (Style B) theatrical release poster (1983)

By Kazuhiko Sano

Return of the Jedi was a fitting ending to the original trilogy, even if the quality of the film is a bit off compared to what came before. Its posters, like most of the original trilogy, induce a sense of nostalgia and are joys to watch.

This one is particularly so, because it is considered the best of the film. It beats some seriously amazing sequel and prequel billing, but it’s classic and hard to argue against. With a new Death Star, the heroes wearing new outfits, Ewok’s, and the standard Vader looming, it teases a lot for the movie and the original trilogy character arcs come to an end while creating a big nostalgic feel.

Star Wars Theatrical Release Poster (Style C) (1977)

By Tom Chantrell

Everything on A new hope is both legendary and classic, including its posters, which are all stunning, and especially this C-style theatrical poster, one of the best-known pieces of star wars artwork ever.

This collage-like approach to star wars The posters have since been used for theatrical posters, depicting the main cast in all their glory as well as some key events, which in this case are the Death Star Trench Race and the Lars Homestead. In many ways, it’s the standard bearer, and it’s no surprise to see it ranked so highly.

The Empire Strikes Back (Style A) Theatrical Release Poster (1980)

By Roger Kastel

The star wars franchise contains different genres and different kinds of stories to tell, and Roger Kasel’s phenomenal work on this theatrical poster for The Empire Strikes Back captures one of them better than any other poster, romance.

The inevitably doomed but beloved and remarkable romance between Han Solo and Leia Organa is at the heart of this brilliant poster adding a level of emotional investment that is arguably in no other Star wars original trilogy poster. As usual, Vader is on the bill, highlighting the impending doom of the characters who terribly occupy this poster’s space despite the sparse numbers.

Star Wars Theatrical Release Poster (Style A) (1977)

By Tom Jung

Of all the dozens of officials star wars movie posters that have been released over the past forty-five years, Ranker users have rated this Tom Jung effort as the best of the best, and it’s hard to argue with them.

When it comes to iconic star wars images, few are at the level of that. A ripped Luke holding his laser sword skyward, the droids to the side, Leia front and center, Vader covering most of the page and the X-Wings bombarding towards the Death Star, this poster has no not too many characters, but there is so much going on. This poster doesn’t need Han and Obi-Wan to be awesome and memorable, because it’s instantly recognizable to fans and evokes strong emotion in anyone who looks at it.

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