Search Engine Positioning

We share some ideas so that your page is positioned in the main search engines or Google.

  • Create high-quality content. Clear and unique information. Do not copy the content of another page or the competition, distinguish by being unique and be full of fresh ideas.
  • Accessibility and Intuitive. The navigation between the pages of your website must be accessible from any part of your site and also must be displayed correctly in different screen sizes, regardless of whether the page is being viewed from a mobile device, tablet, laptop, etc.
  • Keep content updated. Update and create information continually. This will help him become an expert in web writing, and with practice, he will provide better information to his visitors.
  • Optimization of HTML tags. Integrate title of the page, domain names and meta descriptions with keywords (in English keywords); the keywords are those that will ensure that the search engines can find your website. Be careful, do not abuse the repetitive use of them.
  • Use alt attributes The alternative attribute must be in all the images of the website, the search engines take a general idea of the images by reading the alt attribute.
  • Optimize load time. The time your website takes to deploy to your visitors is significant. PageSpeed Insight is a tool that Google provides for determining how fast your web page loads.
  • Creation of Sitemap. Sitemaps are very useful for search engines because if they are provided, it will help them to read our website the way we want.
  • Links from other pages to your website. This can be achieved through web directories, to mention some in Guatemala such as PaginasAmarillas, aquienguate, among others. We recommend using only web directories that are trusted by Google or other search engines.
  • These search engines (google, bing, yahoo, etc.) handle complex algorithms to determine which websites will appear in the first pages of results.
  • Those who best meet all these requirements are those that the search engines will reward with the first places.