What Tool Is Best For Your Online Business

One of the most powerful tools that we all have today would be the web search. Almost everyone is using the internet to research on things and to get a better understanding about everything that is around them. If you are a business owner and wanting to expand to the internet, it would be best to know whether SEO or SEM is good for your business.

Whether you are someone who has a local business or someone who has an online business, you definitely need to know more about these two. In this article by Sherman Standberry, he talks about which of the two is best for your growing business:

As of 2017, the number of daily searches conducted worldwide is over six billion. Like any other technology, search is growing fast and is evolving with time. Which means there’s a bigger opportunity for businesses (of all sizes) to leverage it to reach out to their target audience and connect to them.

Most businesses are aware that the search engines can drive massive traffic to their web properties. Not just any traffic, but traffic that actually converts into leads and sales. Even though there are other ways to gain online exposure, Google still leads the pack when it comes to helping you get the best bang for your marketing buck. This is mainly due to its huge user base and market share. Continue reading here…

Whatever tool you use for your business, make sure that your business will benefit fully from it.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO in Guatemala today is a must for all companies that own a website.

SEO will help you generate more sales/services by merely appearing in the top positions of Google.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of optimizing a web page. 

SEO by its initials in English Search Engine Optimization is translated into Spanish as optimization for search engines.

Appearing in the first results in major search engines for the desired keywords is one of the primary goals of the SEO optimization process for search engines.

In our days, it is not enough just to have a web page, mainly if we aim to generate contact with new customers, make sales or service. It may be the best page in the world, but if everyone is unaware of it, what sense do we find when we have our website? SEO is essential if we want to have a presence on the web. Once your page is optimized with SEO techniques, you will begin to receive significant benefits.
If your page is positioned among the first pages of results in the searches made by the search engines you will obtain the following benefits:
1. Attract the right users.
2. Make yourself known online
3. Generate sales
4. Compete with the leading companies in the market.
How to appear in google
If you are one of the people, who asked why my company does not look on google? We invite you to take a few minutes to read the following information that we think will be useful to answer these questions.

There are many obvious reasons why it is essential to have a website and even more important that visitors can find our site.

Keywords or Keywords
Determine, what are the keywords or keywords by which you want to be found by your new potential customers.
For example in CR Compumania, we want to appear when users are searching for the keywords: “web positioning in Guatemala,” “SEO in Guatemala,” among others.

These words will change according to the type of market that is managed.

Take for example a furniture sales room.

They would like the users on the internet to find them when they are looking for keywords such as: “furniture in Guatemala,” “furnished room in Guatemala,” “dining in Guatemala,” etc.

Google provides for free the Keyword Planner tool where you can analyze the keywords most used by Internet users in your business area.

Search Engine Positioning

We share some ideas so that your page is positioned in the main search engines or Google.

  • Create high-quality content. Clear and unique information. Do not copy the content of another page or the competition, distinguish by being unique and be full of fresh ideas.
  • Accessibility and Intuitive. The navigation between the pages of your website must be accessible from any part of your site and also must be displayed correctly in different screen sizes, regardless of whether the page is being viewed from a mobile device, tablet, laptop, etc.
  • Keep content updated. Update and create information continually. This will help him become an expert in web writing, and with practice, he will provide better information to his visitors.
  • Optimization of HTML tags. Integrate title of the page, domain names and meta descriptions with keywords (in English keywords); the keywords are those that will ensure that the search engines can find your website. Be careful, do not abuse the repetitive use of them.
  • Use alt attributes The alternative attribute must be in all the images of the website, the search engines take a general idea of the images by reading the alt attribute.
  • Optimize load time. The time your website takes to deploy to your visitors is significant. PageSpeed Insight is a tool that Google provides for determining how fast your web page loads.
  • Creation of Sitemap. Sitemaps are very useful for search engines because if they are provided, it will help them to read our website the way we want.
  • Links from other pages to your website. This can be achieved through web directories, to mention some in Guatemala such as PaginasAmarillas, aquienguate, among others. We recommend using only web directories that are trusted by Google or other search engines.
  • These search engines (google, bing, yahoo, etc.) handle complex algorithms to determine which websites will appear in the first pages of results.
  • Those who best meet all these requirements are those that the search engines will reward with the first places.

Marketing In Search Engines: SEO, SEM, And Digital Analytics

Having a website created does not guarantee that users will visit it or can find it. This is where positioning or search marketing has a fundamental role, to place a web page among the first results of searches generated by users. Betting on search marketing techniques such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) increase visibility and traffic to a web page.

The Search Engine Marketing Course: SEO, SEM, and Digital Analytics will teach you how to optimize a website, improving those factors that genuinely affect the positioning, to manage and optimize an SEM campaign based on a bidding system and to measure and control all the digital analytics of a web page.

Only with the Marketing Course in Search Engines: SEO, SEM and Digital Analytics you will be able to appear among the first results of search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing among others.

Who is it for?

The Search Engine Marketing Course: SEO, SEM, and Digital Analytics provide training correctly oriented to the following profiles:

The  Search Engine Marketing Course: SEO, SEM, and Digital Analytics provide training correctly geared to the following patterns:

  • People who want to apply all SEO strategies in web positioning.
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to their company to be present in the best search engines to win in qualified traffic.
  • Social Media and Community Management professionals who want to expand their knowledge in Positioning beyond communication and social networks.
  • Communication professionals who want to catch up on the latest techniques of Marketing in Search Engines.
  • Managers and managers of SMEs that wish to improve their digital strategy to complement it with a traditional commercial approach.
  • Developers and creators of web content who want to expand their knowledge about Buscadorese Marketing, SEO / SEM.

Our methodology will convince you

The online method we apply is based on agile teaching techniques. Each month we will propose the goals to be achieved and our tutors and experts will guide you in your learning and will offer a series of activities to carry out. These sessions are monthly so that within those margins you have total flexibility to adapt your study time to your schedules.

In this way, we propose a consistent study methodology, with monthly classes that always maintain the same structure, so it improves and enhances your learning:

Practical Cases and Simulations

the first axis of each course will be an actual case or simulation, where we will present real situations in which you will find yourself in the day to day of your work so that you can solve them and learn to function in the real world.

Master class

Every month Master class will be developed live with experts in the area that is being taught with examples and case studies that will help you to have standards to solve your final project.